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    As a private joint-stock enterprise, Suining New Oasis Printing & Dyeing Co. Ltd. is located at No. 283, Yinhe South Road of Guokai District, with an area of 124,062 square meters, a registered capital of CNY 26 million and 539 employees, 106 of them are technicians with a junior college degree or above.

    Suining new oasis printing & Dyeing Co. Ltd.

    With the strong supports of the municipal Party committee, the municipal government and the park, our company completed the trial operation of the relocation project in 2013, with an investment of CNY 320 million. Equipped with 8 high-speed and efficient dyeing lines and 2 printing production lines, as well as complete supporting facilities such as cogeneration, tap water, sewage treatment, etc, our company now is the largest new clothing fabric printing and dyeing processing enterprise in Western China; with the best equipment, the most advanced technology and the lowest comprehensive energy consumption, we annually can produce 120 million meters of fabrics. Up to now, our company has successfully certificated to ISO9001 quality management system and ISO14001 environmental management system. At the same time, we got the the double certifications and acceptances of (oeko-tex-100) product quality and EU environmental protection textile manufacturing enterprise (step), and our product has successfully obtained the passes for entering the United States and EU famous brand manufacturing suppliers. Every year, more than 1,200 varieties of designs and colors are developed and produced by our company; relying on international level testing equipment and inspection platform, we have the good ability to meet the standards of USA AATCC and European Union. , At the same time, we have truly realized the whole- processing and all-around information management from production, supply, marketing and storage to financial accounting under the supports of the most advanced fully automatic dyeing and chemical material distribution system and the most professional textile printing and dyeing ERP management system. Through cooperating with Shenzhen 3A company, we also strive to implement TPM lean management to improve the management level of our company. At present, our company is receving high reputation for a huge marketing network system all around the world, a high market share and strong development ability. Our company provides military fabrics for the military forces of 21 countries such as the United Kingdom, the United States, France, Russia, Brazil and Chile, etc.

    Our company actively promotes the international brand strategy. "DAFA" trademark is registered in the economic community of six South American countries and has been cultivated for 15 years. The annual sales volume of our products has exceeded USD 11 million in Brazil, Chile, Peru and other countries. We are applying the honor of China's export famous brand for our trademark.

    Up to now, our company has won a number of titles, including "national textile industry energy saving and emission reduction technology application demonstration enterprise", "national military uniform protective fabric demonstration base", etc. Because our company has made remarkable achievements in new product development, enterprise management, economic benefits, energy conservation and emission reduction, our company has now become a key advantage enterprise in our province.


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